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Lean, green, and safe automaking is facilitated by
smart vehicle design and well-engineered weight reduction.



Source: Lotus Engineering, April 2010

Recent technological breakthroughs point to vehicle mass reduction as a critical, cost-effective strategy for improving fuel economy and reducing carbon emissions while maintaining vehicle safety. An array of advanced materials and designs can be incorporated into new models using high-strength steel, aluminum, magnesium, plastic, and carbon fiber. A 25-percent vehicle-mass reduction can reduce fuel use and carbon emissions by 15–20 percent.

Automakers can also make cars safe for 60 miles per hour crashes. Advances in safety technology and materials make greater crash protection feasible.

Americans will benefit from a new generation of fuel-efficient, safe vehicles, saving money and lives. The U.S. has a lot of ground to make up; the fuel economy standards adopted in 2007 are more lax than those in China, Japan, and the EU. The goal is to sip fuel safely, boosting U.S. energy, economic, environmental, and roadway security. Automobile manufacturers and suppliers have the technological know-how to make 60-mpg vehicles that are safe in 60-mph crashes by 2025.

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